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A musician that fell into the barbecue sauce industry and simmered into an accomplished published author, Jones only decided to take his idea and a recipe to the next level out of complete and utter dissatisfaction with other BBQ sauce brands on the market. Thus, The Jank was born.


However, The Jank is not just a’s a movement.


The “better for you” features of The Jank have helped it remain a leader in the industry and the community. That along with the customer service and experience that is provided at every interaction, Jones continues to build a loyal community of raving fans known as The Jank Nation. Which is also the name of the 501c3 Non-profit created to help be a part of the solution in our communities through education, scholarships and internship program. 


The Jank is in a class all by itself. The quality and versatility of the product provides a vast variety of uses for the novice and the seasoned chef. Vegan or meat lover, The Jank just hits different!


“Service is what we do.”

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