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     With each Author visit, attendees will witness the magic of The Jank Nation. They will have an opportunity to experience the trials, hardships and obstacles before the triumph.

     Through this transformational journey, Lamar Jones, also known as Sir Jankster, will share the tools of life that have helped him overcome many of life's challenges.

All in attendance will be inspired as they travel with Sir Jankster and learn how he went from cooking in his kitchen to becoming a top selling product in the biggest grocery chain in Texas. He states, "It was simple. However, it was not easy."

     Lamar has a passion to inspire and uplift. He has done so for over 10 years with many organizations. The Boys and Girls clubs of America, Broward County Schools and the Weslaco Independent School district are a few of the more recent.

     He is excited to share his journey with you. Author Lamar Jones brings an abundance of positive vibrations that will leave a lasting affirmative influence.

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Weslaco, Texas
Fax: 956-999-8512
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